You have known that serious problems or stress environment is dangerous to your health. Sometime serious problem may have causes from hormones or environment.

When you must face with serious problems, you should try to be calm down and think of good things for getting rid of these serious problems.

Seriousness can destroy many systems in your body and it is a cause of many diseases such as heart disease , diabetes , high blood pressure etc.

Moreover,according to Health QAs site stating, seriousness is the causes of headache , back pain and influenza because it makes you are sick due to weakness of body. If you are serious, you will have risk to have many diseases and because of seriousness make your hormones are abnormal so your body have many diseases too.

The first symptom of seriousness that is you will be weak , abnormal heart beat, stomachache and vomit. It can be dangerous to your mood such as nervousness and disappointment. So you should avoid serious problems or stress conditions such as traffic jam , work hard or living in harmful area.

Finally , you can avoid seriousness by acting in alternatives way such as loudly shout, listen to music , watch T.V and do your favorite activities. You will be happy. It is easy to have good health and better life.