There are many modern and ancient home remedies to treat pinworms, which really work. Even common household spices is very effective in treating and curing pinworms.

What Are Pinworms?

Pinworms are white, tiny worms just about 1/2″ that live in intestinal tracts of animals and humans. Even adults can be infected with this issue; usually you find more among school children who have direct contact with playground sandboxes. Pinworm eggs usually enter body when swallowed by child through food. Eggs inside our body hatch quickly and grow into adults.

Treatment Include All Family Members

If pinworm infects one member in the family, entire family should implement careful hygiene. Hands must be washed using water and soap for 30 seconds after using toilet, to be on the safer side, nails should be trimmed quiet often and cavities should be clean enough.


Nightclothes, Bed linens, and inner wears should be changed very often, and washed in hot water and ironed to get rid of pinworms or eggs.

Self-Help Treatments

You can find many harmless treatments nowadays, both modern as well as ancient; these procedures are successful in getting rid of intestinal worms. Garlic and fresh cloves are more effective when chewed or taken orally. Chewing papaya seeds on empty stomach, fig juice, almond bran, pumpkin seeds, and taking chaparral tea on empty stomach have been very effective and successful.

Simplest Sure Cure

The most accessible and simplest accessible treatment is to use sodium chloride, or common table salt. Pinworm that develops in children is due to salt deficiency. Heavily salted diet for children for 1 to 2 weeks will be more effective in avoiding pinworms.

Prescription Medications

For harsh infections, there are many counter medications accessible. Reese’s pinworm medicine can be taken orally at 5 mg / pound of body weight; it comprises of active component Pyrantel Pamoate. It can be given to children and adults over the age of 2. Read the package directions very carefully.

If all these medications fail, you can contact your doctor. Prescription drugs may work out; Antepar and Povan are powerful anti-pinworm drugs, which have curing rate of 90% that can be taken anywhere from 1 day to a week.