You are responsible for yourself.

You can create a whole new you but it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication.

And you have to want it. Really want it.

Getting in shape is a process. For some it takes small baby steps to get to ready and for others it is like a light switch – it just clicks. It doesn’t matter how you start because you will get there and the reward is a better, healthier you.

For me, it started with the baby steps then one day it all made sense and the light switch flipped. Initially, I was working out semi-regularly and eating okay. I would go through phases with my eating where I would eat healthy then I would eat a processed snack or two or five and sometimes I would even eat fast food. These choices were to my own detriment as I would often stall in my progress.

When I started truly eating completely clean and working out regularly is when my hard work and determination started paying off. I’m still a work in progress in many ways but I feel much better in my own skin. I feel like I look pretty close to my pre-pregnancy self with a few physical differences. I do not eat fast food ever and if I want something sweet I make it myself. I can control my own indulgences because I know what is in them.

You don’t have to start off perfect as long as you start. Just remember, you are the only one who can make YOU.

For you, is it baby steps or light switch?